baby distractions

Just a quick update on our ‘nominate a friend’ offer…

The closing date for nominations was Tuesday 17th October and I intended to make my selections and be in touch with you then, but this little monkey (my second grand daughter) chose that date as her birthday which has thrown my week into joyful chaos!

I had forgotten how much I fret when my daughter is in the late stages of pregnancy so I have been short on sleep & high on stress for the past few weeks…but now that she is here and all is well I am starting to relax a bit & get back into my rhythm with work.

So, slightly later than planned,  I will contact the two successful nominees this afternoon to let them know that they are on the guest list for the next take time retreat which is now less than 3 weeks away. If you nominated someone, or were nominated…watch this space!! Jx

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