what makes take time retreats special?

I set up take time retreats because I had been looking for something like this for myself, but never found quite what I was looking for.

I set about creating:

  • a place for you to escape to and feel nurtured by
  • a varied program covering a range of different activities
  • a space with luxury en-suite bedrooms and the choice of whether you have to share with a stranger
  • an event with tasty, nourishing food and
  • a venue with enough space so that you can choose to be with others or alone, depending on your mood

On a take time retreat we focus on six key wellness areas:

salad bowl

We will help you to nourish your body with delicious, plant-based meals created by Leah of Oscar’s Kitchen who will be staying with us for the whole event so you’ll be able to pick her brain about food if you’d like to. The focus is on fuelling & supporting our bodies with a wide range of different foods – we will not be dieting but we will be providing support for your gut health which will help your body to feel lighter. See more details here

Sleep: All the retreat bedrooms are spacious and beautifully decorated & furnished to help you truly relax and rest during your stay. Each room has a luxurious en-suite shower room.

With busy lives, many of us live in a sleep-deprived state so we will encourage you to establish some healthy sleep routines during your stay with restful meditation sessions and relaxed evenings so that you go to bed feeling calm and ready to sleep. See more details here


Move: There are no bootcamp-style workouts at our retreat but we will be moving every day with a variety of Pilates, yoga and stretch sessions, as well as relaxed walks in the beautiful countryside surrounding us.

I’ll be delivering your Fitness Pilates sessions and Charlotte will be bringing her beautiful, soulful yoga sessions. See more details here

Create: There will be some wonderful creative time on the retreat to give you new skills but more importantly to give your brain time away from thinking about all the things you think about all the time…

Your take time retreat package includes several creative workshops – see more details here


Reconnect: Taking time for yourself away from your usual life is one of the best ways to reconnect with and remind yourself who you really are. Often we forget that we need to nurture ourselves & deserve to be nurtured.

We will help you to re-connect via sound therapy, massage and simple breathing meditation practice. See more details here

be you

Be You: One of the big advantages of taking time away from your usual responsibilities is that it gives you space to be you. Investing in yourself is one of the most incredible things you can do with your time. See more details here

Hands up if you’d like to join us!

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What do we do on a typical day at take time retreats?

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