Getting a good nights’ sleep is one of the best things we can do for our health & wellbeing. Giving our bodies time to rest and repair is crucial to off-set all the things we expect of ourselves on a day-to-day basis.

At our retreats we create a lovely calming atmosphere before bedtime with some guided breathing meditations, warm drinks, appropriate lighting and a sense of peacefulness throughout the venue. We also have a quiet time policy between 10pm-7pm each night to ensure that you benefit from good sleep while you are here.

At the take time retreat you will find the most luxurious, restful bedrooms, all of which are serviced with equally luxurious en-suite facilities.

All our rooms are available to book for single or shared occupancy with a friend. We won’t make you share your room with a stranger! If you book to share with a friend, the price shown on the booking link is the price for the whole room along with e complete retreat package for both guests.

All our rooms have luxury en-suite facilities

en-suite shower room

Double-bedded rooms:

Five rooms have king-size or super-king beds & comfortable double sofa beds for those who have booked to share with a friend. The rooms are light and spacious so you won’t feel cramped even with two double beds in place.

double room

Single bedded rooms

Two rooms have twin single beds. Although smaller than the double rooms, there is still plenty of space for two to share comfortably and you will enjoy the same luxurious fixtures and fittings that we have throughout.

single room

All our rooms are light, spacious, beautifully decorated & equipped with plenty of storage space


Most of the rooms are on the ground floor but there are two double rooms on the first floor (separated from the living space by a galleried landing) so please let us know if you have a particular preference.

If you don’t usually enjoy good sleep health, I think that you will notice a big difference at our retreat and learn some useful sleep hygiene tools to take home with you

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