At take time retreats we will nourish your body with delicious, plant-based meals created by Leah who will be staying with us for the whole event.

The focus is on fuelling & supporting your body with a wide range of different foods to support good gut health & leave your body feeling lighter.

“Food is important. It feeds & fuels our bodies; it can heal us & nourish us; it has the ability to cheer us up, calm us down, soothe us and, in my case, feed the soul” Leah

ginger & pear

Retreat breakfasts will be simple dishes, rich in nutrition, to give you the best start to your day. For those who are interested in seeing how they’re made, we’ll demonstrate how to make our breakfast dishes when we prep them each evening & we’ll share our recipes with you so you can recreate them at home.

chia pudding

Lunches will include warm winter salads and freshly prepared soups using locally sourced ingredients.


We will have lovely afternoon tea snacks to give us a healthy energy boost with some tasty treats.


Evenings will be a time for us to all sit down together and enjoy a relaxing 3-course meal and each evening will feature a different cultural influence.


The first evening will be a traditional southern Indian thali which you will help to create as part of our first cookery workshop. Leah will be sharing her passion for this style of cookery with you, along with her recipes which she has collected on her travels.

indian thali

All meals on the take time retreat are vegetarian. The majority of them are naturally dairy and gluten-free, but where this is not the case we can always cater for those needs with alternatives.

“I have always loved food. My 94 year-old mother recently reminded me that all of my childhood memories focused on food. I would come home from birthday parties either elated by the food (especially cake) or say I didn’t want to go back to a particular friend’s house as the food was a bit duff!” Leah

Rest assured there will be no ‘duff’ food on our retreat!


Find one of Leah’s amazing recipes here: chocolate & almond cake (I hope she is going to make for us!)

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