moments for you


I attended an event on Saturday morning and had the privilege of hearing Dame Kelly Holmes speaking about her career and her mental health. What a humble & inspirational woman! I had goose-bumps watching her watch her own Olympic success when she finished her talk with a video of her double-gold medal achievement in 2004. I wonder if she gets goose-bumps too?!

What really hit home to me was when she spoke about how it felt for her to be living her dream life but not actually enjoying what she called ‘moments for me’. She spoke of how people would recognise her in the street and feel that they knew her, when all along she didn’t feel like she knew herself at all.

If we’re not public figures we might not feel it in quite the same way, but I think that feeling of being disconnected is huge for many of us, whether we recognise yet or not. Do you sometimes feel like you’re living on auto-pilot, going from one day to the next without taking time to check-in with yourself?

I definitely have this feeling at times and I know that I’m not alone.

Of course it is hard to find these ‘me-moments’ when we’re chasing our dreams/careers or in the thick of raising a family, but it’s these moments that help us to connect with who we are in the world and I think that’s so important.

When did you last take a moment for you?


I set up take time retreats because I had been looking for something like this for myself, but never found quite what I was looking for:

  • a place to escape and feel nurtured
  • a varied program covering a range of different activities
  • luxury bedrooms that I didn’t have to share with a stranger
  • great food and
  • the space to be with others or alone, depending on my mood.

I’d love to share all of this with you on our luxury retreat in November and there are still a few spaces available if you would love to join us.

You will go home feeling rested, nurtured, nourished & supported; reconnected to what is important in your life and re-energised for whatever comes next.

And (*whispers this*) you won’t have to think about Christmas for a few days either!!

Please contact me if you have any questions at all about take time retreats or click here to book now.

Jane x

PS there’s a split payment option until this Saturday so book before then to spread the cost of your booking


how do you reconnect with your soul?


Taking time away from what you usually do and what people usually need from you is, I think, the best way to reconnect with your soul and your unique values. It might be a walk with the dog, a long hot bath, getting lost in a good book or a creative project, taking a day off work, having a weekend away or booking a retreat…it doesn’t really matter how you get there, but stepping off the treadmill sometimes is invaluable.

Two weeks ago I joined Charlotte Preston Yoga & Massage Therapy for a yoga retreat day in a spectacular tree-house in the heart of the New Forest and I gained so much from it. The yoga and qigong were fabulous & lunch was delicious, but aside from that, I felt such a benefit from taking time for me. I even felt proud of myself for doing it!!

It was a great reminder of what I know deep down and sometimes forget to practice – taking time (or stealing time as I sometimes think of it) is truly important for us all.

Left to my own devices, I can become a bit reclusive and shut myself away from the world, and the more I do it, the harder it becomes to not do it. But all of that makes it all the more empowering when I do something at odds with my natural tendency and step out into the light and reconnect with myself & the world at large.

[note to self: taking time for me helps to put more life in my days – which has to be a #1 lifegoal]

What do you do to take time? How do you reconnect with your soul? Would love to know Jx