feel nervous & do it anyway

I borrowed inspiration for the title for this post from Susan Jeffers but changed the wording slightly to make it more relevant to what you might be feeling if you’re wondering whether to join us for our November retreat.

Since I set up take time retreats I have heard so many people say that they’d love to join us, but they’ll wait and do the next one! And I’ve spoken to a couple of people who have said they would love to do it but feel nervous about it.

And I totally get it.

I am a procrastinator too!

It’s a big decision and a significant investment. I understand that you want to make sure you are choosing the right retreat for you. I understand that you might feel nervous.

But I also know that if you delay taking the first step towards making a difference, you will miss out on the chance to experience something beautiful in terms of your own personal growth.

Imagine if you’d never tried to get up and walk as a toddler? Or think of all the things you have done in your life which started out making you nervous – where would you be now if you hadn’t taken that first step?

Whether we are embarking on a new career or moving to a new house or stepping into a new relationship, it is pretty much always scary to take the first step.

But you know what they say…

comfort zone

If you’re feeling nervous, here, for what it is worth, is my advice (some of it my own, some of it borrowed):

Nothing ventured, nothing gained

Sign up.

Jump in.

Be part of something wonderful.

Do it.

Be the change.

Walk your own path.

Feel the fear, and do it anyway.

Find your brave.

Live strong.


There is so much growth waiting for you right at the very end of your comfort zone – but if you never go there, you’ll never know.

I hope that in some small way I have helped to inspire you to make the next step in whatever it is that you’re currently debating in your mind.

And if the thing you’re debating is whether to join us at the next take time retreat, I hope you’ll take that leap of faith soon because the time is ticking. Bookings close on Monday 30th October and there are not many spaces left.

If you don’t book you’ll always wonder whether you should have…and I promise that if you do book, you won’t regret it.

Get in touch if you have any lingering doubts or pressing questions – would love to talk.


PS if I had listened to my nerves instead of following my heart & my gut, there wouldn’t even be a take time retreat for you to wonder about! All of this is only here because I decided to finally be brave & I jumped…